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  • Blog \ Forecast & Analytics on February 15, 2019

    Forecast & Analytics on February 15, 2019

    Andrew Verkholantsev
    CTO, HiCoTrading.com

    Analytical company Fundstrat Global Advisors has introduced a new forecast, according to which in 2019 the Bitcoin is waiting for a new price growth as interest in the cryptocurrency market continues to grow despite the Bitcoin rate fall, blockchain technologies and methods of payment for goods and services with cryptocurrency are developing.

    And for now, the main assets continued to grow slowly, but steadily this week, as the Bitfinex rate BTC/USD rate increased to $3678 and ETH/USD rate – to $125.

    SCAM Alert!

    The Istanbul-based cryptocurrency company became the victim of criminals, who stole the Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies from its accounts for a total of 13 million lire (about $2.47 million).

    Six detainees were left under arrest by a court decision in Istanbul, the rest were released under judicial control. Note that this is not the first such case in Turkey in recent months. So, in November last year, 11 people were detained in Istanbul on suspicion of stealing bitcoins worth more than $80,000.

    Speaking of blockchain development trends, the property tokenization definitely goes hot this winter, as decentralized Tezos platform will be used for the tokenization of $1 billion worth of real estate by Elevated Returns.

    When it comes to new technologies adoption – IBM, a nonprofit organization, the Freshwater Trust and the IoT company SweetSense Inc. are aimed to create a blockchain platform that will monitor the use of groundwater by farmers in California using satellite sensors. Moreover, it will also be possible to trade groundwater shares on the platform.

    The notorious Ethereum Classic suffered a 51% lately, the occasion was names ‘mercenary mining’ by the developers itself since not a single case of coin double spending had been recorded. Fact is, before the event took place, users of the Augur prediction platform began to bet on ETC delisting from the Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange!

    Head of Binance Chanpen Zhao said that the test network Binance Chain (the basis for Binance DEX) will be launched for public testing on February 20.
    Last, but not the least – is the NASDAQ stock exchange launch, that will take place on February 25. The actual pricing of the cryptocurrency will be provided by the Brave New Coin company.

    Have a good weekdays and fine trades!